SAP B1 Update: 2022 Tax Regulations in Mexico

By Madata

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Is your company already complying with Tax Regulations in Mexico?

CFDI 4.0

As of January 1, 2022, the CFDI version was updated to 4.0. It will coexist with version 3.3 from January 1, 2022, to December 1, 2022, for which, as of January 1, 2023, the only valid version will be 4.0.

If your company's ERP is SAP Business One or S4/HANA, at Madata we help you to:

  • Update version 4.0
  • CFDI Update Withholdings and Payment Information 2.0, Payment Complement 2.0, Carriage Letter.
  • Update of Foreign Trade Complement and withholdings.
  • Cancellation update.

CFDI Withholdings and Payment Information 2.0

The invoice covering tax withholdings and information on payments made allows these operations to be documented in the case of taxpayers residing abroad.

This CFDI refers to dividends, trust leasing, sale of shares, non-business trust, interests, mortgage interests, payments to foreigners, retirement plans, awards, operations with derivatives and the financial sector.

Payments Plugin Version 2.0

The Supplement for receiving payments, that is, the one that must be issued together with the CFDI when payments are received in installments or on a deferred basis, is also renewed. Now, it can only be used with the CFDI type P. Additionally:

  • The version will be 2.0.
  • New fields are included to identify whether the payments for the operations the receipt covers are subject to taxes.
  • A new section includes a summary of the total amounts of payments made expressed in national currency, as well as the taxes that are transferred.
  • An added attribute will indicate whether the payment is subject to taxes and detail the Transfers and Withholding.

What Information Is Integrated into the Carta Porte Complement?

Everything related to goods or merchandise, locations of origin, intermediate points, and destinations, as well as everything related to how they are transported, whether by land, air, sea, or river and, where appropriate, incorporate the information for the transfer of hydrocarbons and petroleum products. 

At Madata we have accompanied various companies in their digital transformation to SAP Business One, discover the benefits it has for you.

Remember that:

When you move merchandise, you must previously generate the CFDI with the Carta Porte complement so you can prove their legal stay and/or possession during the transfer, accompanying it with the digital file or the printed representation.

The information you must register in the Carta Porte complement will depend on the subjects involved in the operation, the means of transport, and the type of CFDI (Entry or Transfer).

Other Modifications in the SAT Tax Reform in 2022

In addition to all of the above, the considerations that individuals and legal entities that will pay taxes under the new modality of CFDI 4.0 must take into account are the following:

  • There will be new catalogs and validation rules.
  • An attribute is added for primary sector cases.
  • The third-party add-on is replaced by a new element at the concept level.
  • The information will be included in the global receipts issued by taxpayers under the new Simplified Trust Regime, which will be in force from 2022. 

Do you want to be updated in SAP Business One / S4/HANA with the Tax Regulations 2022 - 2023? Write to us at, and an advisor will assist you. 

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