Quality And Service Policy

MADATA IT is a company dedicated to providing Information Technology services, being a strategic ally for our clients' business through quality, service and commitment. This through ITaaS Services (IT as a Service), which allows us to operate the client's Systems department, under 3 levels of technical support and ITIL, we are located in the City of Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico from the year 2015.

Our products and services are intended for clients seeking to improve and automate their processes through applications and information systems that guarantee the continuity of their business, all aligned with the Service Management System based on ISO 20000-1:2018. .

MADATA IT's quality and service policy is based on the following principles:

  1. To be a company that, with the commitment of its collaborators, generates value and trust for clients and partners.
  2. Manage our clients' operations and infrastructure with great professionalism and commitment.
  3. Accompany our clients in the digital transformation of their processes.
  4. Be strategic partners in our clients' business and IT solutions.
  5. Focus on customer satisfaction and value services.
  6. Comply with applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements in all our operations and projects.