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Server Architecture Change And ERP System Update.

At Madata we work to transform the company's architecture, since it had been working with a robust architecture, difficult to manage and inflexible. Their SAP ERP system was outdated and would not allow the company to grow:

 Safely upgrade to the latest SAP versions and simplify the transition in x86 environments aligned with the SAP roadmap.

 Create a system prepared for a disaster recovery plan.

 Agility in quickly delivering new SAP or non-SAP solutions for development and testing environments.

 Increase the use of the Data Center, greater flexibility, availability and agility for better service to the business.

 Reduce maintenance times by increasing the availability of the systems.

Key action

Increase the availability of all environments at a lower cost.

Priority resource alignment

Allowing you to add value by focusing resources on specific business projects.

Reduce the cost of the Data Center

Optimizing space, energy, cooling, hardware and maintenance.

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