What Hosting Meets My Requirements?

By Madata

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In a world with a high demand for hosting providers, it may be confusing to choose the best solution for our company. Distinguishing between the types of services, what each offers, and which one is ideal for my company is not a simple task. But today at Madata, we come to help you distinguish between the different options and accompany you in choosing the best option. 

First, we must understand why a company requires a server. For this, we are going to talk about some scenarios where you will possibly identify yourself:

Scenario 1: A service that must avoid interruption or failure times. ERP System (Business Management System). Accounting and/or billing systems, EDI, etc.

The longer your hosting is out of service, the more customers and sales you lose, which in turn translates into money.


Scenario 2: Storage.

Companies may need one or more solutions to store their data. Critical or sensitive data, which the company will use and distribute according to its needs. 

Now that you have identified yourself with one of these scenarios (they are not the only ones; there may be others that ultimately mean a service with more power, reach, and security for your company), we are going to show you the 2 main types of hosting that At Madata we recommend for large companies:

  • On-Premise
  • Cloud (Cloud Services Hosting)


As the name says, it is a dedicated hosting for a single service. It is installed on the company's servers. 

Among the main advantages is the security it will provide to your infrastructure. It can only be accessed locally, allowing you to control its settings and physical security. 

Another great advantage is the low dependence on internet links to operate your business. 

What should you take into account? - First, you require trained personnel to fully operate a server. Second, the infrastructure must be prepared for the company's growth and technological obsolescence.

Cloud (Cloud Services Hosting)

The solution of the moment. Pay for what you use as a service (monthly), and you can scale its capacity to business needs.

Another great advantage is that you do not need to have specialized personnel to operate your service. The provider company takes care of everything for you; they are the experts. 

You must consider that using the Internet is an indisputable requirement for its application.

Learn more about Hosting On Premise vs Cloud

Now you know what types of solutions will best meet the needs of your business. 

At Madata, we accompany you and advise you on this important decision. We have the best infrastructure options for your company.

Write to us at contacto@madata.com, and you will receive a free consultation to analyze the options that best suit your needs.

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