The path to EaaS: Everything-as-a-Service

By Madata

IT worker in front of a touch screen

The hybrid combination of infrastructure and IT services will rule companies for years to come. Find out what it is and how you can get on board.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of companies is not something innovative but the result of a process that began 3 centuries ago. Throughout history, it has been shown that those economies that have known how to adapt to the changes dictated by new technologies have survived successfully. 

Today, a global event (COVID-19) has made companies review their strategies and take action to adapt to a new digital reality. The laggards, those who want to stay one step behind, are beginning to wake up and accelerate their pace to match the digital leaders.

From developing and implementing digital solutions, process automation, and cloud solutions to enabling remote work, the process of digitalizing society, which could have taken 3 years (1095 days) to reach the current level, was accelerated and implemented in 40 days. 

Many companies face a great challenge. We tell you how to prepare your company for the EaaS digital transformation.

This path includes several mandatory stops. In each of them, you can consider how companies should manage hybrid work environments, where the combination of on-premise and cloud represents a great challenge for IT teams—integration, security, workflow, and data. 

  • IT as a Service: This is when organizations hire a service and will have the experience of an entire systems department. Achieving agile and fast scaling by eliminating investment in time and capital for employee training.
  • Support IT Resources: With the right EaaS solution, for example, companies can add management services, effectively expanding their IT teams.
  • Integrate Your Systems into the Same Cloud Provider: Once you have done this, you will have a comprehensive view of your work environment and can perform actions with just one click. 
How are IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services different? We clarify all your doubts.

Centralization of IT Services

As IT infrastructure continues to expand from on-premises to the cloud, companies reap great benefits by migrating to the hybrid EaaS model. However, this mixed work environment brings new challenges. 

The main one? Break down the barrier of fear, the fear of the unknown, the barrier that will allow you to transform your company into the digital age. Or leave yourself where you are, and as history tells us, that option is not recommended. 

Madata is the main technology option for industries in Mexico and the United States. We are the leading company in integration, development, implementation, and innovation for digital transformation.

6000 Users and 20 Years of Experience

Our portfolio of IT solutions will solve the technological requirements of your company. 

  • Managed IT Services for companies. 
  • Business Administration System (ERP). 
  • Infrastructure Solutions. 
  • Architecture and monitoring of digital assets. 

Learn about each of the services on our website: 

Want to talk to a specialist?  Write to us at

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