SAP Shapes Businesses' Sustainability Strategies Significantly

By Madata

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According to the new edition of the study "Sustainability in the Leadership Agenda of Mexico and Latin America," sponsored by SAP has become a priority issue in Mexico. 55% of companies consider sustainability an integral part of their business strategy, and motivations are accelerating this. More executives now see sustainability as an opportunity to sell more (34%) and create a competitive advantage (33%). 

The study shows growth in adopting good practices to meet sustainability objectives. 24% of companies surveyed in Mexico are implementing their own ESG (environmental, social, and governance) strategies, and up to 79% of Mexican organizations are expected to have an agenda aligned with sustainability in the future. 

Technology also plays a key role in sustainability strategy, with 68% of companies in Mexico using or planning to obtain technological tools to manage their sustainable activities. SAP has been a strategic ally in this sense, with solutions such as SAP Sustainability Control Tower and SAP Sustainability Footprint Management. 

Despite progress, organizations face challenges, including difficulty measuring and demonstrating the results of their sustainability efforts. The study reveals that 22% of companies in Mexico have seen the results of their sustainability management, but 49% expect to see them within a period of 2 to 4 years. 

Although there is an intention to advance sustainability, the study indicates a decrease in investment plans for 2023. Even so, companies are assuming sustainability management as necessary, with 32% of Latin American companies seeing positive results and 25% waiting to see them in the coming months. 

SAP Business One and its great benefit for SMEs.

We can conclude that sustainability has become a crucial aspect for companies in Mexico, with a growing focus on technology as a tool for its management. Although there are challenges to overcome, the outlook shows promising progress towards a more sustainable future. 

Madata is an official SAP partner. We have more than 20 years of experience working in information technologies and a presence in the United States of America and Mexico. 

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