SAP S/4HANA Functional Support: Service Module

By Madata

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Offering a quality after-sales experience, with the main objective of satisfying your customers' needs with fast and complete resolution times, will achieve an exceptional user-company experience. By efficiently managing this module, you will offer outstanding service and support which, in turn, will help you gain long-term customer loyalty. 

Such a robust product, with a large number of functionalities, requires experts to bring its operation to the most optimal level, and in this way, take full advantage of its potential. Discover how you can take advantage of the Functional Support service provided by Madata for the SAP S/4HANA service module. 

Service Master Data and Agreement Management 

Having all the information at your fingertips is essential to control customer master data, service history, commercial agreements, maintenance plans, and more. At Madata, we help you manage the correct configuration for the following functionalities:   

  • Provide customer location and installed equipment to sales and support staff.  
  • Access equipment maintenance and system records. 
  • Manage service contracts, scheduling preventive and predictive services. 
  • Unify service agreements, prices, and rights in a single repository.  
  • Monitor the performance and profitability of services through reports and dashboards.  

Service Operations Management 

You will have the settings and configurations of this module under control. This way, you can efficiently manage the planning, scheduling, spare parts provisioning, service work, and billing. The IT service can help you:   

  • View your service requests with past and current agreements and activities at hand. 
  • Give your field teams access to customer and service data. 
  • Make internal repair processes more effective by integrating them with all departments.  
  • Automate your tracking and billing processes for your clients.  

Spare Parts Management 

With IT as a Service, you can efficiently manage the processes to plan, supply, fulfill and store spare parts and materials. We manage your configurations to achieve the following: 

  • Optimize the storage of your parts, inventory, and spare parts logistics. 
  • Keep the stock of spare parts updated immediately.  
  • Achieve cost reduction by integrating finance and materials management functions.  
  • Support in different languages ​​and locations.  

Subscription Order Management 

With Service Desk SAP S/4HANA, you will have all the settings ready to maximize its capacity. We help you keep the following settings in order: 

  • Manage large volumes of data with different classifications.  
  • Automate payments and collections, manage customer invoices, and share each income with partners.  

Shared Financial Services Management 

A highly trained help desk team will help you manage shared services powered by AI and machine learning. You can automate manual service processes and receive alerts and recommendations. At Madata, we take care of functional support for: 

  • The correct configuration to analyze incoming emails and their service requests immediately, thanks to machine learning technology.  
  • Ensure that each service request will be classified and routed automatically.  
  • Receive intelligent recommendations that will help you resolve problems and close tickets more quickly and efficiently. 
Discover how to select and manage an IT as a Service service provider.

SAP S/4HANA continues to position itself as a leader in the global cloud ERP market. Just look at the Gartner report “Magic Quadrant™” (this is the link: magic-quadrant ), which names SAP S/HANA Cloud as a cloud ERP leader for service—and product-focused businesses. 

If you have identified functionalities that can help enhance your company with SAP S/4HANA Functional Support, write to us at At Madata, we have a long history of being the strategic allies of different companies in Mexico and the United States.  

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