SAP S/4HANA Functional Support: Finance Module

By Madata

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SAP S/4HANA has positioned itself as a leading brand in the market, highlighted by companies such as Gartner and IDC MarketScape. For 50 years, he has helped a multitude of companies of all sizes and industries operate at their best with ERP. Such a large system can sometimes cause confusion in its operation, which is why the Service Desk for SAP S/4HANA was born. It is an IT service to provide Functional Support that has many advantages. Keep reading to know the details. 

Finance with ERP in the Cloud

Accounting and Financial Closing Module

The service center can assist you in accounting processes through effective automation, from IFRS to local legal compliance. The IT service can help you: 

  • Configure the recording of financial transactions in real-time and make the corresponding reports on the results. 
  • Set up automation of each accounting process, multi-entity closing processes, and book closing in real time. 

Financial Operations Module 

A highly specialized team will help you in the following configurations: 

  • Control the management of accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections, and disputes. 
  • Centralized cash and liquidity monitoring in real-time. 
  • Real-time reporting for your work lists and performance tracking. 
  • Electronic billing and online payments. Updates for new government reforms. 
  • Reduce costs with automated processes for exceptions, validations, and invoice routing. 
  • A 360° vision of your clients' financial management, from order to collection. 

Cost Management and Profitability Analysis Module

The help desk service can assist you with total management adjustments in overhead expenses, product cost calculations, and profitability analyses. 

  • Transparency in overhead drivers and reasons for deviations. 
  • Centralize and simplify the overhead allocation process for cost centers, profit centers, and margin analysis. 
  • Management of real and predictive production and product costs. 
  • Real-time information by area of ​​responsibility. 

Business Risk and Compliance Module

Each service center specialist will set up import and export compliance management, free trade agreements, electronic documents, and legal reports. 

  • Creation of electronic commercial documents in accordance with local regulations. 
  • Generate periodic legal reports. 
  • Classification and reclassification of statistical merchandise codes, customer tariff codes, Intrastat service codes, and fair control. 
  • Support Intrastat reports for more than 25 countries. 
  • Regulatory compliance for exports and imports. 
  • Resolution of commercially blocked documents. 

Treasury and Raw Materials Management Module 

With Service Desk SAP S/4HANA, you will have all the settings and configurations under control. 

  • Protect the view of your global treasury position, forecasting, and banking operations. 
  • Identify and address liquidity gaps with financing actions, such as cash movements, loans/investments, and supply chain finance.
  • Full control of treasury operations through banking connectivity, centralized payments, and intelligent business functions. 
  • Support for materials management contracts, from commodity pricing to risk analytics. 
  • Mark-to-market consultations. 

Subscription Billing and Revenue Management Module

With the service desk, you can have the appropriate configuration to: 

  • Manage subscription orders, usage, and revenue models. 
  • Automation in managing collections and credits of large volumes will help you reduce costs and avoid uncollected income. 
  • Provide a complete view of the billing and payments for each client. 
  • Manage accounts receivable, revenue collection, and payment reconciliations. 

Real Estate Management Module 

Help desk IT in SAP will take away a great workload from you. 

  • Managing each leasing process is a luxury you can control in one place. 
  • Support in construction estimates, bid management, and investment projects. 

Now you know a great ERP system comes with great responsibility (not for you, Peter P.), and its correct operation can be a fine line between success and waste of time. 

At Madata, we have specialists trained to operate the help desk you need in your SAP S/4HANA. Write to us at; we will be happy to help

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