Google Gemini's Revolutionary Impact on AI: Overtaking ChatGPT?

By Madata

Robot's hand showing Google's Gemini service.

Google Gemini has emerged as the pinnacle of artificial intelligence innovation, challenging the boundaries set by its predecessors. This new gem of technology represents a monumental advancement in the field of AI and is designed to rival the most prominent models available on the market, including the revered ChatGPT. 

What is Google Gemini? 

In Google's world, Gemini stands as a multimodal artificial intelligence model, capable of "generating and understanding, operating and combining" a variety of data ranging from text, images, audios and videos to programming languages. In essence, it's Google's answer to GPT-4, OpenAI's formidable language model that powers ChatGPT. 

What sets Gemini apart is its incredible versatility: it can be deployed on a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to data centers, making it "the most flexible model to date." This flexibility is manifested through its three versions: Nano, Pro and Ultra. 

Gemini Ultra represents the zenith of Google's AI power to date. Test results show that it outperforms GPT-4 and ChatGPT in multiple aspects. With a score of 90.04% on the MMLU (Massively Multitasking Language Comprehension) tests, it significantly exceeds the 86.4% of GPT-4. Additionally, according to Google, Gemini is the first AI model to outperform human experts in these evaluations. 

Gemini's innovative approach lies in its multimodal nature from its inception, meaning it has the intrinsic ability to handle multiple types of data simultaneously. This uniqueness positions it as a cutting-edge model in almost all aspects, compared to conventional methods that require the joining of separate components to achieve multimodality. 

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Bard with Gemini Pro in Mexico 

The initial version, Gemini 1.0, has been trained to recognize and understand various types of information, allowing it to address complex questions and explain reasoning in areas such as mathematics and physics. This innovation is already integrated into several Google services and platforms, with Bard being one of the main beneficiaries. Bard with Gemini Pro is now available in English in Mexico, offering users the opportunity to experience Gemini's new capabilities, especially focused on "complex tasks." 

Gemini Nano for the Pixel 8 Pro 

Gemini will also mark its presence on mobile devices. The Pixel 8 Pro will be the first smartphone to feature Gemini Nano, allowing you to perform smart tasks such as composing with Gboard in WhatsApp and summarizing voice recordings in the Recorder app. Google plans to implement Gemini in popular services such as its search engine and Chrome. 

Gemini Ultra, the Most Powerful Model, Until 2024 

The crown jewel, Gemini Ultra, is scheduled for release in 2024. This superior AI model will take a little longer to arrive due to the rigorous trust and security checks required by Google. It will be available to customers, developers, partners and security experts, allowing them to experiment and provide feedback before the official launch. 

Also in 2024, Bard Advanced will debut, an implementation that integrates Gemini Ultra into Bard, offering access to "enhanced models and capabilities." With the advent of Gemini, a new era begins for Google, according to Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company. 

The emergence of Google Gemini promises to redefine standards in artificial intelligence and could usher in a radical transformation in the way we interact with technology. This advancement is seen as a momentous milestone in the evolution of AI, and its impact will be felt in every corner of the digital world. 

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