Exercise Caution With Your Emails! Cybercriminal Campaign Hits Mexico

By Madata

Businessman implementing cybersecurity on his laptop

Imagine that your company or government entity is targeted by cybercriminals. That is precisely what happened with a phishing campaign discovered by ESET researchers in April 2023 targeting Zimbra Collaboration users. We tell you about this threat and how to safeguard your data and your organization. 

Who Is It Affecting? 

  • Varied Victims: This campaign does not discriminate; It targets small businesses and government entities. 
  • Most Affected Areas: Poland leads in the number of victims. In the Americas, Mexico leads. 
  • Unknown Authorship: Until now, the person responsible for these attacks remains anonymous. 

Social Engineering

  • Subtle Deception: Attackers use persuasive emails to lure their victims. 
  • Convincing Fake Page: Fake login pages blend perfectly with Zimbra. 
  • Recycled Passwords: Attackers could be taking advantage of previously compromised passwords. 

Phishing is a form of cybercrime in which attackers impersonate legitimate entities to trick people into obtaining sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or financial information. The term "phishing" comes from the English word "fishing," as attackers launch digital baits or lures to "fish" their victims. 

Phishing attacks are typically carried out through emails, text messages, social networks, or spoofed websites that imitate companies, financial institutions, popular online services, or even known contacts. Fake messages or websites often look very convincing and may include logos and design details that resemble the originals. 

Phishing aims to get people to provide sensitive personal or financial information, allowing attackers to commit fraud, identity theft, or hack into online accounts. Phishing is a persistent and global threat that requires constant vigilance and education to avoid falling into cybercriminals' traps. 

Find out about other cyber attacks using Social Engineering.

How Can We Protect Ourselves?  

To protect yourself from phishing, it is important to be skeptical of unknown messages and links, verify the authenticity of websites before providing information, use reliable security software, and stay informed about the latest phishing techniques and threats. Awareness and caution are the best defenses against these types of online attacks. 

At Madata, you will find the strategic ally in cybersecurity that you need. We have more than 20 years of experience working in information technologies and a presence in the United States of America and Mexico. 

Write to us at contacto@madata.com, and a Cybersecurity specialist will assist you.  


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