Era of Artificial Intelligence – Technological Trends for 2024

By Madata

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The year 2024 was emerging as a period of transformation and exceptional technological advances. The emerging landscape encompasses a set of trends that not only promise to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, but also have the potential to redefine business operations across all sectors. Now that we are in the age of AI, let's explore some of the most impactful trends identified by Gartner: 

1. AI, Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM)

Trust in artificial intelligence has become a fundamental pillar for making accurate and safe decisions. Effective management of trust, risk and security in AI emerges as a critical need. With the implementation of AI TRiSM controls, it is expected to significantly reduce up to 80% of incorrect and illegitimate information by 2026, increasing the precision in decision making. 

2. Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) 

The constant evolution of cyber attacks has driven the adoption of methodologies such as CTEM, allowing organizations to systematically identify, evaluate and mitigate potential threats, improving the ability to detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats. 

3. Sustainable Technology  

The focus on sustainable technologies moves towards reuse, recycling and energy efficiency to reduce environmental impact. It is predicted that by 2027, 25% of CIOs will link their personal compensation to their impact on sustainable technology, thus promoting a shift towards more environmentally responsible practices. 

4. Platform Engineering  

This emerging approach accelerates application delivery and business value by implementing reusable tools and self-service capabilities with automated infrastructure operations, improving developer experience and productivity. 

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5. AI Augmented Development

The combination of human and machine capabilities boosts efficiency and sustainability in creating solutions by using AI technologies to streamline application design, coding and testing, not replacing, but enhancing and complementing human skills. 

6. Industrial Cloud Platforms (ICP)

These technological solutions allow you to manage and optimize industrial processes in real time, taking advantage of technologies such as IoT, AI, big data, cloud computing and cybersecurity to improve quality, productivity and sustainability. 

7. Smart Applications 

Using artificial intelligence techniques, these applications learn from user behavior and data to deliver a personalized and adaptive experience, driving automation and improving productivity. 

8. Democratization of Generative AI

The democratization of generative artificial intelligence will facilitate access to these models, enabling the creation of innovative and personalized content, but also poses ethical and governance challenges that require a regulatory framework to ensure responsible and beneficial use. 

9. Augmented Connected Workforce (ACWF) 

This trend leverages digital technologies to upskill workers, combining AI, IoT, and data analytics to create more efficient and collaborative work environments. 

10. Machine Customers (Custobots) 

These non-human economic actors, capable of negotiating and acquiring goods and services autonomously, could generate significant income by 2030, marking a new phase in commercial interaction. 

These trends not only represent technological advances, but also have the ability to fundamentally transform the way companies operate and relate to their environment. The key is to strategically adopt these trends, adjust business models and operations, and examine their potential in relation to the specific needs and challenges of each organization.  

Strategic planning for the coming years must integrate these trends to stay at the forefront in a business environment in constant change and technological evolution. 

We invite you to think of Madata as your strategic ally in IT.  

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