Discover RISE with SAP: Revolutionizing Business Models in the Cloud

By Madata

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SAP has decided to set an example of the phrase, “Today, innovation in companies is mandatory to survive.” How have you done it? This is a new licensing model for new and existing customers. This new solution offers cost savings and license management for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. We will tell you what it is about.

Previously, licenses were managed by users such as Professionals, Workers, or Employees; now, the so-called FUEs (Full Usage Equivalents) have arrived. This new model is measured in proportions, without leaving aside the four types: “Advanced,” “Core,” “Self-Service,” and “Developer.”

Let's see how these proportions look:

“Advanced” is a full FUE license.

“Core” refers to 1:5 STR. One FUE is equivalent to 5 Core users.

“Self-Service” is 1:30 FUE. One FUE is equivalent to 30 Self-Service users in the company.

Main Benefits of RISE with SAP?

With SAP S/4HANA on-premise licenses, each license type was purchased and used for its purpose, but it was impossible to change the type or request a refund. 

With FUEs, the rules of the game change in favor of the user. Let's look at an example: If we have certain “Advanced” users but want to use fewer users, we can use the corresponding FUEs for other types of licenses, such as “Core” or “Developer,” without the need to purchase more licenses. Interesting?

Another benefit is that RISE with SAP is made to migrate to the cloud, meaning that companies will stop using their hardware and leave it in the hands of SAP.

More Benefits of RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

You can use predictive finance and simulated future reserves to forecast financial close. This will allow you to anticipate challenges or opportunities and correct course before they happen.

Supply Chain: Using SAP Business Network, you can gain full inventory transparency and the capacity to anticipate issues before they cause customer delays or disruptions.

Green Line allows you to measure and manage your company's sustainability with transparency and controls throughout the company. For example, you can optimize material choices by generating a full lifecycle view of your products' financial costs and planetary impact.

In terms of never stopping improving, we enable instant analysis of processes, activities, and tasks to help you prioritize optimizations. 

RISE with SAP ensures complete visibility of business activities by combining the ERP process analyst with financial planning and analysis. This provides KPI comparisons across entities, profit centers, departments, and locations.

You can solve complex business problems with pre-built custom AI for finance, sales, customer service, procurement, and human resources or leverage intelligent chatbots that systematize and guide time-consuming manual activities into scalable, error-free tasks.

Country—and region-specific core business requirements are integrated into our solutions to ensure your business is always up to date with ever-changing compliance regulations and tax rules.

Whether you need to create new revenue streams, optimize your business processes, improve security, or gain efficiencies in the cloud, RISE with SAP has much to offer.

Discover functional support for the finance module in SAP S/4HANA.

Do you want to receive a complete analysis of your company's situation and discover what RISE with SAP can do for you? Write to us at

At Madata, we accompany you from consulting and implementation/migration to functional support of your operations.

Calculate the profitability of business innovation with RISE with SAP here.

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