Benefits of the System Based on the Allocated Hours per Bag

By Madata

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The systems area is a fundamental part of companies today in the digital age. It seeks to maintain the operation and continuity of the business and customer service. 

Every company, whether small, medium, or large, must be clear about its importance and, above all, the need for trained personnel to guarantee that the service is provided in the best conditions. 

At this point, some companies choose to hire a technician or systems engineer who can help them, other companies (depending on the size of the company or the project) seek to create an internal systems department, and finally, there is the third option. What is hiring an IT company? 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the third option, which is delegating the entire systems area to an IT company. 

Hire an IT Company 

We regularly find 3 options when hiring an IT company to take care of our systems, these options being: 

  1. Monthly Contract.
  2. Annual contract.
  3. Contract for a bag of hours. 

Monthly and annual contracts provide companies with more than 201 employees with an authentic degree of security, with all their systems always working and updated and qualified personnel attentive to any eventuality. 

On the other hand, in hourly contracts, we offer a service adapted to SMEs. In this model, you only pay for the hours you need, and you have a team of professionals at your disposal to carry out the necessary activities. 

This hiring method has been present especially in SMEs. It offers a complete technical support team for different IT areas without the need to hire a single employee, train, or develop new skills. 

Hiring the IT service you need, for the time you require it, with highly trained personnel has become a very valid option for small and medium-sized companies today.

The pandemic has transformed many businesses, pushing them to adapt to digital tools and apply home offices. Broadly speaking, this increases the need to acquire digital services, new computer equipment, and configure servers or communication equipment, among many other things. 

If you have read this far about our idea, you are probably wondering: What services can be contracted per bag of hours?

Services Madata Offers Per Bag of Hours

  • Bag of technical support hours for: telephony, computer systems, computing equipment, connectivity, networks, servers, PCs and Notebooks, Printers.


  • Out-of-office support: consultations, sales, repairs and maintenance, customer service and regular inspections. 


  • Support in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certifications.


  • Bilingual Service Desk. 


  • Help desk for ERPs: SAP Business One, S/4hana, and EPICOR ERP.


  • Network monitoring, internet providers, communications equipment, server status. 


  • Hiring only the hours of service that you use. 

With Madata as your strategic ally, you can have a complete specialized systems area team that will help you operate your business 100% and without setbacks, contracting only the hours of service that you use. 

Write to us at contacto@madata.comand an advisor will assist you. 


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