ERP Software: The Cornerstone for Digitally Transforming Your Company

By Madata

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Digital transformation in companies and ERP are terms widely used at the business level, but why do both terms go hand in hand? We will talk about them, and we invite you to discover how an ERP system can help your company achieve the digital transformation you are looking for.


What Is Digital Transformation in Companies? 

Let's define it with a single word: adaptation. Adapt to changes, such as those generated by the pandemic starting in 2020, where conservative companies were more affected than those that adopted digital tools and technology to improve business functioning. 

Why Is Incorporating Digital Tools Crucial for Your Company's Expansion?

Three points that answer this question:

1) Global competition

2) Exponentiate the company's results

3) The consumer experience

Let's talk about them:

Global Competition: 91% of companies are working on digital initiatives. Very soon, companies that decide to maintain their conservative processes will stop competing in the market. We are already experiencing this, and year after year, the number of companies that implement digital tools to position themselves in the global market increases. 

Increase Results Exponentially: Let's put aside the idea of ​​linearly increasing our results. We must seek and focus on obtaining them exponentially. And how is this done? It is a long and hard-working process that involves all areas of the company, but technology plays a very important part in automating processes and achieving better results. 

The Consumer Experience: Consumers want things now, in real time. If you delay a minute, they are already looking at other options in the competition. Therefore, using technology to offer an agile, fast, and customer-focused user experience will not only help increase your company's CX but also increase the number of new customers. 

An ERP System is the Heart of Your Digital Transformation 

As the title says, a business management system (ERP) is the central axis of a business in the digital age since it is involved in every area of ​​the company. 

We want to mention an exemplary system that is 100% effective in achieving your company's transformation: SAP Business One and SAP S/HANA.

Your SAP system can connect to each area of ​​your company through different modules such as: 

  • Financial Accounting
  • Production management
  • Sales and distribution
  • Materials management
  • Human Resources
Among many other modules that each company can choose to work with, each company pays for the licenses it wishes to use, and the authorized partner is responsible for implementing them and providing all the necessary support for their correct operation. 

To differentiate between SAP Business One and SAP S/HANA, the first option is designed mainly for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a flexible and affordable solution. This solution suits most industries. On the other hand, SAP S/HANA is a solution for large and multinational companies, where the system is customized to the smallest detail according to the company's requirements. 

Discover more about SAP Business One and its great benefits for SMEs.

Madata is a partner authorized by SAP for its implementation. Our Consulting service will help you identify your company's needs, the modules that best adapt to your desired growth, the choice of the ERP system, its implementation, and support throughout the life of the project. 

Receive a free consultation to meet us and talk about your company. We are very sure that together, we will find the solution you are looking for. 

Write to us at, and let's get your digital transformation underway.

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