IT Infrastructure

Modern, Scalable and Secure


Empowering Your Business

Comfort, agility, security and competitiveness are just some of the benefits we offer you. We support you in the acquisition and installation of your IT infrastructure, improve the technological competitiveness of your company and ensure the continuity of your business.

  Infrastructure architecture.
  Preventive and recovery protocols.
  Networks and structured cabling.
  Servers on premise + On Cloud.
  Licensing and Virtualization.


On-Site Infrastructure

We advise you on the optimization of your technological infrastructure to find a perfect balance between cost and benefit. We take care of showing you the solutions that cover the needs of your company in the best way.

   Data Center: Servers, storage, backups, security
   Communications: Switches, SD-WAN, routers, IP telephony
  End User Client: Desktops, laptops, industrial equipment
   Security: Firewalls, data protection, antivirus
   Other Services: Virtualization and licenses


Cloud Computing

Hosting, ERP and Backups. Fixed monthly payments.

We provide you with a dynamic and flexible architecture that fosters a software-defined environment that anticipates incidents and automatically deploys infrastructure resources for your company's needs.

  Remote access to virtualized computing resources.
  Complete development and deployment environment in the cloud.
  Terminals in the cloud with virtual access.
  Data backups and backups in the cloud.

Grow your company with the best tools in our cloud, we take care of everything.

Start today to improve your processes and increase the profitability and productivity of your company with the solutions from the Technology team at Madata.

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