Digital Asset Protection And Recovery



Madata works for international companies that entrust the protection of their sensitive structures against digital threats.

   Diagnosis, architecture and monitoring of digital assets.
   Protection, documentation, backup and recovery protocols.
  Rapid Threat Detection and Damage Minimization.
   Preventive social engineering.

Madata Cybersecurity

In order to develop a strategy focused on risk management, it is essential to have advice based on the experience and adaptability that characterize Madata.

Diagnosis and Identification

Strategic consulting to manage and mitigate risks to systems, personnel, assets and capabilities.

Zero Trust-based Protection.

We implement security protocols protecting your data, hybrid infrastructure, local and remote users.

Monitoring and Infrastructure

Administration, implementation and testing guaranteeing the constant optimization of the infrastructure and protocols.

Response and Recovery

Based on international standards (ISO270001, 22301, 20000 +), we create personalized security strategies. Prepared in advance to respond at any time.

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